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About the Collective Bargaining Unit

It is the purpose of the Labour Relations Act 66 of 1995 as amended to promote and facilitate orderly collective bargaining at the workplace and at sectorial level.

The Collective Bargaining Unit is also responsible for amongst others but not limited to the following; the implementation of the provisions of the GPSSBC Constitution, the implementation of relevant sections of the Governance Rules, and to ensure optimal administrative functioning of the various structures of Council and Chambers.

The purpose of Provincial and National Chambers is to provide a conducive environment that would expedite processes of information sharing, deliberations, consultation, and negotiation. This processes unfold at National Departmental and Provincial Administration levels respectively. Consequently, the CBU is obligated to ensure that the aforementioned purpose of the LRA is fulfilled.

The core mandate of the CBU is to maintain an enabling environment for collective bargaining, as noted above in Council’s strategic objectives. To ensure the efficient functioning of Chambers, the CBU utilises Governance Rules for Chambers, Resolution 1 of 2012.

Healthy collective bargaining generally follows this dialogue process or stages outlined below. Depending on the issue at hand, parties at the start of the collective bargaining process decide which route will be taken. There is typically lower dialogue intensity at information sharing level, medium at consultation, and higher intensity at negotiation process.

Departments falling under the GPSSBC

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